Brodie Milner ‘Acheron’ : Underworld of lyrics. Pomp grayness. Debut single.

Brodie Milner

Brodie Milner’s underworld of lyrics and visions of enigmatic interventions, delve deep and groom with fire. As the venerable existence of attitude and indie-rock flair compounds with ultra levels of invocations, the artist from the UK, sings in that most affirmative attentions.

“I have always been fascinated with mythology. Those classic Greek myths often have a lot of relevance with our own lives,” said Brodie. “‘The title of this single borrows directly from that historic tradition. “You’ve sailed me down the Acheron” was the first line I wrote. I thought the imagery was stunning – being pushed down the river into the underworld by the person you were once most intimate with.”

“It was that hyperbole, though, that made me want to take a slightly different approach to the conventional love song. The narrator of the track is dramatic, contradictory, and sometimes hypocritical. You can’t take his words at face value. There’s something questionable going on here.”

With vocals that is of another indie-rock era, the beautifully arranged, darkness, of ‘Acheron’, delivers with pomp grayness. Envelope as you will, is the cautionary tale.

For there is another day, of reckoning, if you just want it to be.

This is Brodie’s debut single. And it’s a fabulous debut, indeed.


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