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Broen – Time

Time by Boren, the Oslo Norway based collective of artist and musicians, just hits a home-run and we love it that it tries to merge 80’s type pop vocals, with current synth-wave attitudes (a la Com Truise).

But the song isn’t all about emulating the awesomeness of the aforementioned segments, but it delves into its own soul and focus of its existence. Why does this song exist? Why has it form? Why does it not-suck?

That’s where the talents of the group comes alive, aggregating – dicing, slicing, gluing, and then melting techniques and their own spices to make this certain output.

When we heard this song for the first time, we went through a range of emotions. We were first perplexed, then we questioned, then we denied, then we performed several Hip-Hop old school ‘wave’ (for some odd reason), then we accepted. We accepted the role of this song, the kind-of-monotone-but-not vocals, the amalgamation theory behind the song’s mad-scientist fissures.

It’s a weirdly fresh breath of air- in an other worldly sense. Guess that’s what the gang at Broen meant to convey.

If so, kudos.

Ultimately, we love this song. We get a bit long winded, but we love it. We think you should check this song out and their other song.

Now, shoo!!



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