Broken Bones Matilda ‘Everafter’ : Blooms in eternal graces and charming enchantments.

Broken Bones Matilda

‘Everafter’ is a teenage romance song. “Narrating young love and the feelings of insecurity and shyness you have when you like someone but don’t have the courage to ask them out, the song reminds us of those distant high-school memories and the voices inside that shout, “Hurry up or you’re gonna be too late!”

Hailing from Bath UK and now based in London, the duo (Sarah McGrigor, Sam Gotley) have been described as Nick Cave meets Fleetwood Mac, oozing raspy lead vocals and soaring harmonies over well-crafted songs.

The duo shared: “Working to tape you can get results sonically that you wouldn’t get digitally. It also brings an element of pressure to the recording as you need to commit to things and you have the added pressure of limited takes.”

Produced by Scott Barnett, the track delivers a dream-esque sound featuring warm guitar arrangements, beautifully hazy vocals and cascading harmonies. Emitting an almost hypnotic effect and bleeding with sincerity and authenticity.

Briging the best traditions of Jewel and Sheryl Crowe, ‘Everafter’ touches the 90’s sentiments and blooms in eternal graces and charming enchantments.


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