Brooke ‘Attention’ : Full flight of the song collides with extreme prejudice for fun and love.


Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Brooke keeps it fresh and wild. Co-written with London alt-pop duo RINNGS and singer songwriter LLEO, the excitement delivers with the tang of the modern vibes we’d hoped for.

“With the show going on hiatus during lockdown I had an opportunity to be productive. It was great for me to have an outlet to channel my creativity. I love that I have this song to show for it and know I made the best use of my time. I’m so excited to release the track and get it out there for everyone to listen to. It’s a great introduction to me as an artist and hope everyone loves it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.”

Songwriters LLEO and Nai talked about what inspired the song: “It’s a modern-day, unrequited love obsession with your ex – [the line] ‘I dress like your ex, hoping that you’ll notice,’ is written with the ‘Instagram Stalker Generation’ in mind said LLEO.” NAI added, “When you are in love with someone, we all behave in slightly strange and obsessive ways. This song is about the hidden side of ourselves and the things we can never really say out loud.“

Above and whole, Brooke’s (Brooke Scullion) effervescence is all that is perfect in electro-pop and EDM concerned. With danceable aura that explodes with redemption, the full flight of the song collides with extreme prejudice for fun and love.


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