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Brooke Lanziner Shares ‘Relapse’. “Soon To Bite Off The Life Juices She Deserves.”

‘Relapse’ is the second single from Toronto based singer/songwriter, BROOKE LANZINER. There are times when a voice or an artist (in how they depict a song, a lyric, or vibe) who can communicate well, the feeling of ‘vulnerability’. Brooke does this well, and right to the point with this single, and it’s a poignant issue to highlight. For it’s not displaying the vulnerability that is the mark of a fabulous method of telling a story, but it’s the contradiction (a foreign layer) that brings out the original intent with bolder flavors and taste.

Starts with the vocals, where Brooke’s natural inclinations of her pipes just exude the protagonist’s efforts to ‘hide’ her ‘less than confident’ heart. However, within the same breath, Brooke’s vocals sprinkle the salt on the wound, having her become vigilant and also, ‘one minded’ towards that gold in the sky.

It’s a character development that is made for TV drama. But it’s as secure and confidently exclaimed on the big screen.

Brooke’s fine arts involvement (competitive dancing, jazz, choir, drama) comes confidently to the fore in the song. And after a life-career changing decision for herself, she’s here – in 2018 – with this fabulous single.

Roads are rough for anyone, engaging in a particular path in life. Nothing is given for free. It’s a ‘tackle or be tackled’ kind of world.

So, we think Brooke has it going on and on the right path. With gumption and will to thrive, the young’un from Canada will soon bite off that chunk of life that she desperately wants to taste.


Her key musical parter has been Guillermo Subauste, whom played all of the instruments (drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass).

Go, go!

We can’t wait to see where she goes with her next release.



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