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Brooke Lanziner // The Parachute Brigade // AYU // Project Revise // Caynug

Brooke Lanziner – Twenty Four

Toronto’s BROOKE LANZINER is an artist. She’s sacrificed much, including ‘blowing’ up her life a little to change coarse for the path that brings joy and constructive purpose to her life. We’d gotten to know Brooke prior and the more we listen to her outputs, the more we’re convinced of her spiral with art and her search for ways to expand and communicate with the world. She’s an artist moving in a medium of music. She continues this journey with ‘Twenty Four’, and it’s a ‘clock-ticking’ endurance to love and its quirks. But more importantly, the song is another bridge for Brooke’s every emboldened artistic expressions.

The Parachute Brigade – Wanderer

Off of their EP ‘The Gold’, the Beckley, West Virginia based indie folk/rock band, compels with dynamic vocals and layered lyrical chimes. The band brings emotions back to the basics, and with every single on the EP driving our souls from sadness to exaltation, THE PARACHUTE BRIGADE has to be in your rotation. The saturation of color is embedded deep within the fall autumn leaves of the songs, enveloped in velvety cream of life – for life. The extravagant and soaring vocals and harmonies stretch reality to that quiet corner – the one that comforts, and haunts. The band consists of Justin Puett, Eric Robbins, Jodie Cox-Puett, Brittany McGuire, and Robbie Lanham. The EP is available now.

AYU – Another Mess, I

AYU blends indie-pop and your primal urges into a concoction of emphatic descriptions of desperation and will. In her single ‘Another Mess, I’, it’s the discussion within about an impending situation in a relationship that she can see coming, from a light year away. The past experiences of a tragic partnership is in the air, but there’s something that prevents you from walking away with definitive confidence. In that moment, you’re stuck, and might be on the rollercoaster which will take you down to another unhealthy relationship. Will the protagonist break this cycle? Let’s hope so. AYU’s vocals and arrangements make our skin virtually drip with anticipation. A feeling of empathy and understanding is embedded deep within her lyrics, and the honesty pours out, because of it. The Bern Switzerland born, Berlin Germany based artist is here and you should be listening to her.

Project Revise – No Chances

Lollygagging and doing nothing isn’t what PROJECT REVISE. Their single ‘No Chances’ is a deviant exclamation to the life of worth and action. Action towards the future while doing it like a boss is the style of the day. Rocking and reflective of the bands like Sum41, the gang in PROJECT REVISE ramps up every riff to new heights as they progress in the tunnel of flashing memories and intentions. The three piece band knows how to throw it down, and we think they’re a band to keep in your list of rotations.

Caynug – Mental Junkyard

“So to say I met with my triumph, I also met with my disaster and accepted both just the way they are to healthily move on. It was never easy at all.” It has taken 4 years of hard work by CAYNUG (Dominik Kowalczyk) to produce his latest album ‘Mental Junkyard’, and with it his intensions were to bring an outlet for his emotions. Here he’d pour his soul into each and every note, with the hopes of connecting with the outside world’s voices and music fans. The mix of genres, clash in the folds of the instrumental heavy title single ‘Mental Junkyeard’, and the ever present breathing of apparitions of the past linger, in judgement. However, CAYNUG is determined to cast away those trepidations and look forward. He hopes that we all can help him do so. There’s a feeling of solace in the sea of ‘chaos’ in this single. Quite poetic.


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