Brooklyn Hills ‘Babushka Jazz’ : Invigorating factors, with gumption and focus for the dancefloor of your mind.

Brooklyn Hills

‘Babushka Jazz’ is a bassy/bouncy and funny Latin American groove with a reference to Russian traditions.

“A grotesque track in which the author managed to balance dance, experimentation and Latin American flavor,” as Brooklyn Hills (aka Brooxxy) – musician, producer, designer and video maker – puts it. “Music between the life and death in the name of eternity… I mix pop, rock, rap and eastern ethnic music in hot cocktail.”


The music video, excites and delights – and successfully amplifies – the single’s ultimate invigorating factors, with gumption and focus for the dancefloor of your mind.

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📽Shoooting music video in 2 coundtries – my experience. ⠀ 🗺Making a music video while being thousands of kilometers apart is very strange, cool and interesting experience. ⠀ If you haven't checked out the video yet – please, tap the link in my bio and check it out on YouTube! Click the like button if you liked our work 🙂 ⠀ 💡The idea of shooting the video on two hemispheres appeared spontaneously: we already recorded a track, we did not plan any actions in this direction. But one time, before going to my bed, the idea sparked in my mind: “Why not to go further?” 😰It was a risk: that's difficult to control the processes, we could not solve a lot of issues of shooting process, we weren't available to see the work from the inside. ⠀ 😎But all of that also encouraged me. At least, I wanted to have that experience, and it was worth the risk. ⠀ @iamjhasiere was involved in the whole process as the real artist! He is a very open-minded and involved person, it’s really cool to work with him. ⠀ As a result, me with my film crew shot my part of the video in Volgograd, near the Volgograd Arena stadium, Jay with his team made their job in Plattsburgh, NY. And we both did not completely know what happened on our sides. ⠀ Working this way, you actually don’t feel the distance, but you are constantly worried that you cannot be on the other part of the world and control this process 100%. But I'm happy and proud of what we made! ⠀ 📌Finally, I've understand one thing – one of my next steps would be shooting video in both countries, with my personal presence hahah. Cuz we made music video remotely – now it's the time to conquer new horizons! Thanks for reading this and being with me, fam! 💛I love you!

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