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Brother Dusty // Emily Jackson // Cubgod // Parker Bossley // Kyle Emerson

Brother Dusty – Little Blue Suit

What’s going on? That’s your emotions breaking. Yep. Inside you. While listening to this excitement of a single named ‘Little Blue Suit’. Blues, rock, hiphop, and a bit of metal, break like a revolution when this song grinds you like dust. “This song was written about fighting corruption in the police force and the unjust qualities of many cops..” said Brother Dusty. Oh and Dusty added: “It’s an homage to the announcement of Rage Against the Machine’s come-back in 2020.” Yea. There’s that too. Double edged sword. That’s what this talented artist has it all going on. “You as a cop are trusted with a gun, badge of authority and full discretion. You are supposed to be our heroes; role models for our children to look up to… why are you putting your pay check before your own people? A lot of you have become bigger problems than the ones you try to solve, bigger villains than the ones you arrest. It is very difficult to perceive you seriously aside from the fear that you will ruin my life if I don’t stroke your ego.” ‘Little Blue Suit is fire, no matter how you look at it.

Emily Jackson – Ends of the Earth

Promise and urges. You can’t live without taking the risk. Might never make it. But it will hurt more if not having tried my fullest. Being ripped apart from the inside, resisting the doubts put upon. What a perpetual battle, of wills. She said: “I’ve thought about my career trajectory and everything I’ve sacrificed to make it work, especially as a woman and what that cost is. I thought about my best friends who are all doing the same, my mom, my sisters, and I realized this song is for them; for us.” The debut title single ‘Ends of the Earth’ is a signal and first salvo into the ether of confidence and ambitions. Emily’s vision for where she wants to go marks the starting line, and lines up for the competition ahead. Originally from Montclair, New Jersey, the gal with the gumption, traveled to the west coast to trust with all of her talent. Returning to the east coast, she’d finished her new upcoming EP. Look for more from this gal.

Cubgod – Ain’t Even Trippin

Cubgod’s works are paintings, in mixed mediums, jutting in and out of phases and dimensions. Mixing hiphop, rap, and pop elements, the loop happy, decadence rides you to the right temperature, if you just give it a sec. Laser, laser; thrust, thrust – dangle you attitude by the door when you get into the party, if you don’t want to be shamed, yo. We’d said of Cubgod like this prior: “You drive up to that mountain. Not to brag, but to see if you’d survive a drop from the height. Why such thoughts? Life is hard, that’s why. We’d argue we have day-dreams about such fantasies, here and there. Maybe throwing someone ‘else’ off of that cliff, instead? Just a day-dream though. You feel a bit shameful that you do, but maybe take some satisfaction from it too.” That’s what the project’s music throws at you. The talented producer knows what he wants, and how to get it in his music. Squeezing precious notes from different angles, it’s a testament to vision. Cubgod vision.

Parker Bossley – Crazy Feeling

‘Crazy Feeling’ is Parker Bossley’s single from his upcoming debut album. “This song picks up thematically where the first single left off. Lonely Miracle covered the beauty of an initial romantic gesture. Crazy Feeling captures another love milestone — something casual becoming serious. I’m not sure which is more exciting — and, potentially, scary.” Ups and downs of romantic waves – an unconditional promise, of kisses and hugs, smiles and future plans. All rush to meet you suddenly, when you felt you weren’t ready. The life you’d had seemed okay and was comfortable. Why did she have to appear in you life, you asked. But life, throws curve balls when not expecting. Most in the negative, some positive. And as you try to materialize and rationalize, you realize that you can’t figure the new life, without her. Crazy? Yep. Crazy exciting. Parker is signed to a new Nashville-based, ADA-distributed indie label called Twenty3 Records.

Kyle Emerson – I Can Change

The indie-rocker from Denver Colorado continues on giving us the tasty and honest music that he has a knack for offering. We’d described Kyle this way in another review: “With handsome hooks and driving guitar antics, the serious vibrations undulate in synchronization, and we, as listeners, are propelled to new heights of giddiness. The contemporary sounds mingle effortlessly in this single, as it wafts through vibrantly under the consequential and redeeming qualities of Kyle’s vocals.” And you know what? Hasn’t changed a bit. Charming and lovely; beautifully balanced and wanting. Now there’s a visual for the song that made us love his stuff from the get-go. The goodness from Kyle’s works is that it’s so innocent at its core, with beautified collages of memories, tacked up by kisses from your forever. ‘I Can Change’ brings that energy for life, while acknowledging the difficulties, and flourishing like a heart can. ‘I Can Change’ is the second video in a series that Kyle Emerson will be revealing from The Oriental Theater Sessions. His newest album ‘Only Coming Down’ is available now.


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