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BROTHER LEO // Jocelyn Alice // Lily Kershaw // Isa Molin // Laya & Zuma.

BROTHER LEO – Barcelona

Rising Swedish artist Brother Leo possesses the rare ability to connect across the spectrum of the pop landscape. His three tracks to date are full of creative alt-pop flourishes, mixing darker melancholy lyrics with colourful melodies. “I wanted to try to capture those moments and memories in this song both lyrically but also in the soundscape. To tell this story sonically I wanted the soundscape to have some kind of cinematic and organic vibe to it and dynamically just letting it grow. In short ’Barcelona’ Is about love and loss, and realizing that nothing is forever. I think a lot of people can relate to this and hopefully it will bring back some good memories.” ‘Barcelona’ was produced by Dan Grech (George Ezra, Lana Del Rey) and the crisp single from BROTHER LEO is a dance in the stratospheres of love and loss. Vocal gospels for convictions and of the naiveté that was, forever linger in the vibes of the song and its essence. The city, the girl, the boy, the world – nothing seemed out of reach. What a song.

Jocelyn Alice – The Dark

Jocelyn Alice is a Canadian singer and songwriter with a fiercely powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and magnetic style. She is the commissar of pop hooks and majestic shine. And in ‘The Dark’ she keeps it the way we like it with grand approaches and delicate undulations of noted emotions. She has co-written music featured in the hit TV shows One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars, the movie Dear Santa, and a television commercial in Canada for Shaw TV. In addition, she was the vocalist in a popular USA nationwide television commercial for Target, which featured a cover of the song “(So Groovy) Reach Out of the Darkness”. She is a platinum-selling Canadian singer and songwriter with a fiercely powerful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and magnetic style. Indeed.

Lily Kershaw – Always & Forever

LILY KERSHAW’s writing abilities are gorgeous. The push and pull, with all of the stylings of perfection, her single ‘Always & Forever’ sings with her, as she sings in her soft strength. Always reminding us of Stevie Nick’s own propensity for her confidence and worth in the context of her soul, Lily does the same and always. You’re drawn to her voice, and by proxy, to her grandeur. On ‘Always and Forever’ Lily uses the metaphor of a bad relationship to explore her reservations around the concept of time and infinity. And while Kershaw is primarily known as a folk-pop artist, she consistently pushes the limitations of that label. Originally written as a guitar-based tune with friend Emma Roberts, Lily instinctively decided to add synth, creating an 80s sonic texture without succumbing to any of the tropes found in today’s new wave nostalgia.

Isa Molin – The One Thing

ISA MOLIN is beautiful. Her songs are that good. When the heart aches, the wild calls out to you to ask of what the next steps will be to gain that feeling once again. “This new track is about that moment when you realize how well you’re actually doing, without that person that you once thought you wouldn’t be able to live without. How much better and stronger you feel without those feelings of insecurity, that you often feel in a bad relationship. It’s about how you’ll never ever go back there again… and cheers to that.” With co-production by Robin Stiernberg, ‘The One Thing’ is a soundscape of vintage synths, organic sounds, and a deep, driving beat. We all should live like the wilds our our hearts; for there is zero promise that it’ll always be there for you. Let’s act now.

Laya & Zuma. – maybe

Japanese new-age R&B singer Laya and the now Tokyo based producer Zuma. from San Diego collabs for this lush, future R&B single. It is a song about ambiguity of a budding relationship, and all of the things that makes it easy and hard. Laya stated: “Commitment can be a vulnerable experience and sometimes take the fun out of things. With an undeniable chill groove sparked by Zuma.’s signature production style of wavy chords, bubbly percussive accents, laced with the airy silkiness … vocal delivery, maybe explores taking things for what it is ‘now’ without thinking too much or putting a label on what it could be. With this project, Laya & Zuma. hope to give a glimpse of what could be the future of J pop and R&B – a blend of smooth, intricate, forward thinking production highlighting the silky innate flow of native Japanese prose.


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