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brother sports – same strangers

“It was written after the passing of the band Her’s which inspired many of the lyrics and the overall vibe. The instrumental second half of the song communicates how sadness can turn into anger when dealing with emotions of a passing.” brother sports was described in part as: “DIY/Garage song that is gritty, dirty, descriptive” by us. But serious is what they wear everyday to work. Look and see the frame of work that they export. You’ll agree. Even when you’re dancing in that silly way, they want you to.

Neon Dreams – We Were Kings

NEON DREAMS’ single ‘We Were Kings’ is a song worth revisiting every couple of months. “I want to be honest about who I am,” Frank said. “I was raised by a single mother who had me when she was only 17. We moved around a lot. I was sleeping in closets, couches and wherever we could stay until we got evicted, which made me the new kid in 10 different schools.” Tinge of emo/pop-punk ballad vibe in ‘We Were Kings’ deliver with delectable honesty – about a love, that never should have been. But through it all, it turned out okay. Inspiration, and honor doesn’t mean that they need to be physically in touch. Their lessons have far deeper resonance that you can pass on, if you’d like.

Littlehawk – Dream

Perth songwriter and producer Littlehawk brings pop, rock, electronic and folk into one neat package. Sultry in his lyrics and very much pop enhancing with the rest of it, through ‘Dream’ his exalting love for his plight and future seems to ooze out of the horns and danceable vitality. The beautifully embracing personality of Littlehawk is rightly displayed in his vision for his music. The groove casts a visceral incantation of notions and of the future, with fervor and exuding energy.

Ritt Momney – (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell

We’d stated in a previous review of RIT MOMNEY: “Jack Rutter is the lead of this project, and when listening to his single ‘Pollution / Disclaimer’, it is (1) Involved, (2) Over-Arching, (3) Spacial, and (4) represents a kind of Multi-Chaptered Travel guide, which you’d never asked for, but you realize the future isn’t really better without it.” So true. “This song is a sort of commentary on Mormon culture,” said the 19 year old artist, “and how it’s affected me since I stopped believing in the church a few years ago. It’s a call for everyone out there who thinks they have ‘the truth’ to sit down and let me find my own.” Right on.

Holy Roller Baby – Ravings At Your Window

Classic rock? Cowbell? Driving guitar riffs? Unapologetic song about love and lust? Heck yea! That’s what HOLY ROLLER BABY’s really popular single ‘Ravings At Your Window’. Once in a while you just need to get your rocks off, if you know what we mean. A thrusting, straight forward and very sexy rock guitar song like this will re-up your batteries and then some. Weekend’s coming? You don’t feel too good? You’re a bit run down from the week’s non-sense?? HOLY ROLLER BABY’s got your back. Look for greater and greater stuff from the band consisting of Jared Mullins, Nick Snyder-Lead Guitars, Patrick Smith, and Luke Callaway.


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