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Brother Sports Share ‘clutch city’. Sing About It!

LOL. Songs can be vehicles for communicating many things.

Lost a job? Sing about it.

Lost a girlfriend? Sing about it.

Lost your way in life? Sing about it.

Have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with your local Basketball Team and its harrowing frustrations? Sing about it.

So, the gang in BROTHER SPORTS, sang about the CITY of Houston and its basketball team. Kid you not.

And we think it should be their ‘anthem’, to be honest.

Why not??

It’s a nice DIY/Garage song that is gritty, dirty, descriptive, and ‘tells a story’. What more can you want, Houston??

Anywho, the song is a drizzle of Thousand Island dressing (tangy) on that bland layer of greens.

Let’s go.



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