BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON ‘Try’ : Its virtuosity and revelry. The band’s analytic charms. Burgeon into a bloom.

Brother Sun Sister Moon

Congealing in a vast array of grooving sentimentality, ‘Try’ inserts another facet – another angle – of where BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON’s music succumbs.

A paper organization of newness, radical in its virtuosity and revelry, the band’s analytic charms, burgeon into a bloom of unforgettable warmth of embrace.

Shohei Megumi, Yusuke Okada and Ayu Megumi are together, BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON. Founded in 2017 (Osaka Japan), the trio of talents, convex atmospheres of sadness, warmth, intransigence, and delight, within a soup of delicious horizons.

In ‘Try’, the young trio deliver once again their unique soundscape, a simple but powerful indie rock with a chill dream-pop feel. The composition, untrusted for the first time to the drummer Yusuke Okada, cleverly intertwine two lines of vocals and moments of heavy synth, underlined by a strong and groovy bass line.

Look for the EP drop in April.

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