Bruce Brubaker, Max Cooper, Philip Glass ‘Two Pages’ : Re-invigoration, Re-contextualization, Post-modernization.


The innovative pianist Bruce Brubaker and scientist-now-electronic-artist Max Cooper collaborate to create this latest expression of music by Philip Glass and tell a story of diversity and vulnerability.

After his work with Ravi Shankar in the 1960s, Philip Glass composed his first repetitive, “minimalist” music, including ‘Two Pages’. A short melodic fragment or cell is repeated and gradually lengthened by adding one note at a time. In Glassforms, ‘Two Pages’ is framed with slowly evolving harmonies. It’s a new context for this iconic minimalist music.

“Max Cooper and I are together on stage performing a collective artwork. It’s based on music by Philip Glass, but it is a re-invigoration, re-contextualization, post-modernization. It’s not a remix, it’s a new set of clothes..” said Bruce Brubaker

Rather than just reworking or augmenting via traditional means, Max Cooper and Bruce Brubaker fundamentally rewire Glass’ forms in a manner that’s not possible with human composition tools. Max built a new system for musical expression through coding with software developer Alexander Randon, creating a tool for taking live data from the piano and transforming it into new but intimately related forms which drive his synths on stage.

“It’s a risk, an experiment, an exciting project to create—a combination of traditional and modern composition—a modulated authenticity,” said Max Cooper. “I constantly wrestle with multiple layers of generative sound, every piece of music constructed as a living electronic organism which wanders through sound worlds under my direction, but never totally under my control. As a result, every piece and every show sounds different every time, and Bruce reacts to the new forms with expression and restructuring.”

Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper’s ‘Glassforms’ drops, June 5th.

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“Glassforms” available June 5 on InFiné

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For the last few years I've been experimenting with how to combine live visuals and multiple projections with my music, so I thought I'd have a go at a bit of an audio-visual live stream and chat this Saturday at 8pm GMT (link in bio). The internet connection in my studio isn't great so I've recorded the session to go out from a reliable source. I’ll also be in the live chat room on YouTube. I had a little bit of a synth jam as well as the usual laptop stuff, and also tried out some brand new music which hasn’t gone out anywhere else yet. I hope all is ok at your end of the screen during these strange times, and hopefully catch you on Saturday for the stream/chat. Image features a still from Repetition by @kevinmcgloughlin_gram

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