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Brvndn // Reel Feels // Pook Hustle // medna // Baileys Brown

Brvndn – Certain Way

Rhythm, dribble, relax, chill – that’s the best of the honesty BRVNDN gives in his single ‘Certain Way’. “Things are just the way it is. Are you in?” is the question posed to the world and that girl he was into. Did she stay? Did she realize his way of loving her? We won’t ever know. But we can assume that she was won over and they are on the beach somewhere in Thailand? Well. That’s what we want to imagine. Let this single sink in y’all.

Reel Feels – Feel It All

Spreading his brand of love and affection, REEL FEELS makes it known in his amalgamation of musical notes through his genre bridging style and offerings. ‘Feel It All’ is the alt/dance/rap single that is bouncy as you’d expect, with vibe as airy as it can be, but all surrounded by the depth and angst of an alt-rock feel that is unique and distinct. So, let’s bounce our body as it naturally will. Smile to the tone of the song, which deserves our full attention. Let the Los Angeles based artist, in.

Pook Hustle – Pay Attention

Off of the latest EP, ‘Blue Tape’, “honesty” comes with the territory, as POOK HUSTLE states. Hiphop is what this palpable creator of sounds and comfort from Brooklyn NY is all about. Tap into the r&b running of words, sullen but poignant, comes at the behest of trap, rock, B-B. Clarity in finding a direction with music is the calling POOK HUSTLE held and has been nurturing since his college graduation. Shining onto a plan for success, within single ‘Pay Attention’ and through the EP, Pook explores colorism, racism and ‘hyper-masculinity’. Producer “HWatsHisName” enters with his blue filtered beats and sonic interpretations throughout the EP.

medna – TOMB

What is ‘dope’. There are many things in life that are ‘dope’. One thing that’s in that category is ‘TOMB’ by medna. Synth, beat, haze, cloud – the song comes at us from all sides and welcomes us with a brooding and cuss filled acceptance. That’s what’s called ‘dope’. A sense of discombobulation but sanctity. A balance becoming from an unbalanced rapture – of words, of notes, of philosophy. We think medna is one to look out for in 2019. Simple as that.

Baileys Brown – Horses Mouth feat DatKid & Jinxsta JX

Bristol UK based rapper BAILEYS BROWN is just so good. The fresh beats and style, retro but uncanny, is the funk-rap that we love to hear – day in, day out. Off of his upcoming LP ‘Still Fresh’, ‘Horses Mouth feat DatKid & Jinxsta JX’ will help you get that convertible top down and go down the boulevard with the mean-street swag that we all deserve to feel, once in a life time. The seamless production of this delicious train of words, is a repeatable addition to any lover of music. Baileys has worked with Split Prophets, Leaf Dog, Dirty Dike, Lee Scott, Black Josh and his steady appetite for releasing killer songs continues.


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