brygga tio ‘Solsyster’ : The words are hinted with a dab of mint, as the refreshing goals of the song surges.

brygga tio

brygga tio is Felix Hessel (vocals, guitar) and Kristofer Krook (synth, bass, programming). ‘Solsyster’ is this little piece of musical heaven where you can let your hair down and receive the rush of chill. The remarkably hooky instigations, tickle your bedroom vibes, and makes the world a bit more colorful.

“We began writing ‘Solsyster’ on the last evening in the cabin,” stated the duo. “The words and most of the music came together during the night, but we couldn’t find a chorus. It gets light very early in Sweden during summer, and around 3.30 as the sun started rising, the word ‘Solsyster (Sunsister)’ was beamed down from heaven and voilà! – the chorus and title of the EP was born.”

And what is the song’s underlying message?

“It’s a song about getting perspective on a difficult thing from the past, understanding how it affected you, and being proud of yourself for getting over it and coming out way stronger. It’s like writing something down on a piece of paper and keeping it in your pocket for years, clinging to it, to suddenly realize that you don’t need to anymore – the rush and also melancholy of tearing it up and throwing it away for good.”

Whoa. Who woulda thunk it.

The innovation is the use of the jangly attentions, put to the walls of shoe-gazy rhythms and procurements. The words are hinted with a dab of mint, as the refreshing goals of the song surges you to dance and delight in the flavor.

‘Solsyster’ is the title single from the new EP.

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