Bryn Jahna ‘Bone Structure’ : Takes it in intimate strides, trying to understand further.

Bryn Jahna

Queens NYC based artist Bryn Jahna’s heft of vibes is contemporary of dreams and longing.

Said Bryn: “When you look in the mirror you can see all the facial features that have been passed down to you. For me, this is an especially inspiring thought because both of my parents have struggled including those before them.”

A trance of Atlantic proportions, the story told of the now and the beyond, drawn down into a supple rescue of self-existence and revelry.

She added: “There is a heavy undertone of Jewish pride in this song and my own families past persecution was one of the inspirations for this song.”

The wrangling thrust of the often mistrust of the world, out-there, never ceases to collide.

Bryn takes it in intimate strides, trying to understand further.


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