BTS Donation of $1Million USD To Black Lives Matter Confirmed, According to Variety.

LG / BTS 에디션

K-Pop’s biggest group showed the world their money with a completion of $1 Million USD towards the efforts of Black Lives Matter. They had also confirmed that they “stand together” again racial discrimination. Individually and through the collective group’s and their record company have in sum supported the efforts that have spread around the world.

According to an interview with Variety, Black Lives Matter said: “Black people all over the world are in pain…. we are moved by the generosity of BTS and allies all over the world who stand in solidarity in the fight for Black lives.”

BTS’ donation comes with the momentum of other musicians and leaders donating their own and urging others to do the same. Included in the list are: Warner Music, Sony Music; artists The Weeknd. In the K-Pop arena artist Mark Tuan of Got7, pH-1, Jae of Day6, Jay Park (H1GHR Music) delivered on their promises.

BTS’ offering also comes at the heels of its BTS army delivering Twitter mayhem to the hashtag campaign of ‘#whitelivesmatter’. However, the hashtag, has been inundated with the BTS/K-Pop loyalists posting their favorite artists, to dilute the message of the opposition to Black Lives Matter.

No doubt, the BTS army is proud of their boys and now with the news of the donation, others who’d never been interested in BTS or K-Pop has noticed in a big way.

The hashtag #onemillion has been recently trending.


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