Buggie ‘Westend’ : Awareness, and profound vibes, bubbling up from the depths.


Gretchen King is Buggie, and this human being wields talent that is consumable, critical, world-bending, and unique. The mix-medium talent, used music and visuals to tell the deafeningly salient stories that her mind and heart, conjures with expertise. Using stop-motion, her art-pop/surrealism brings love, awareness, and profound vibes, bubbling up from the depths.

“My new single is called ‘Westend’,” said Buggie. “I’d like to think that it’s more of a dive in and sink into the experience kind of song. One for when you have the time to sit and reflect (if you’re into that kind of thing or being forced into it by covid!). It pulls influence from Pink Floyd, the Prodigy, and ethereal songs from the 90s. It’s a psychedelic electronic pop track mixed with a Blade Runner feel. I initially wrote the vocals a couple of years ago, finished it up at the end of last year, and I had no idea just how accurate it would feel today.”

With a cinematic vibe, ‘Westend’, is a song that has outdone itself and its expectations. Gretchen’s tireless energy can be felt in the single’s autonomously individual settings of virtuosity and glorious expanse. The vibrance is cast in contrast, deliberately, to bring out the visceral feelings of anxiousness and grief to the fore. The single caps its audience with an Arabic ceiling, that puts the seriousness of the song to another level.

Added Gretchen: “I’m learning as I go, but I honestly love every minute of it. Focusing on my ideas and prioritizing my vision rather than achieving perfection has really helped me find a confidence that I didn’t have before.”

You’re already there, and then some.

The song was written, recorded, produced, and edited by Buggie. It was mixed by Mark Abrams at Vaughan Music Studios and mastered by John Paterno.

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In 2019, I decided to go into self-isolation to work on my ideas for Buggie. I stopped bleaching my hair, grew my roots out, wore scrubby yoga pants every day, stopped doing my makeup, and even stopped working to live off my small savings and work nonstop on my lil project. Believe me, I can see the irony 😅. ⠀ I took this selfie and when I first looked at it, I thought “Oh man, I don’t want to share this. It looks like a total scrubby version of myself.” I thought for sure I was going to be back into my previous employed fashionista self in no time. 🤣 Little did I know that this would be my new norm and the norm for most that I know. So, I’m sharing it. ⠀ There are way worse things than not looking one’s best (that’s obvious right now). And there are far better things than being obsessed with self-presentation (an area where social media sure groomed us). ⠀ In a way, I feel lucky that I had that time to learn how to manage the emotions that come with self-isolation because I’m using those tools now. ⠀ But I do have a bottle of green hair dye sitting under my desk, that I bought almost two months ago and keep thinking about… ⠀ #thisismenow #buggie #selfisolation #roots #sculpture #artistsofinstagram #buggieclub #selfie #behindthescenes

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