Bugs ‘Old Youth Feeling’ : Delivers in an effervescent and fun-loving decorum.


Brisbane disruptors, Bugs, just loves life and they want to enjoy it with you. At least in ‘Old Youth Feeling’, that is.

Vocalist and guitarist Connor Brooker said: “I think at some point in time everyone wants to find a more energetic, charismatic, hopeful version of themselves from a time gone by – so we reminisce on our youth quite idealistically. We generally gloss over the cracks and exaggerate the highs.”

True. But when those cracks are the ‘character’ that makes or breaks our memories for the future? That’s when we know reality, and how it makes us feel.

Connor continued: “As the pressure and reality of adulthood constrict our imagination, we socially regress by watching Disney films, crying to our parents, buying dumb ‘immature’ outfits, meeting up with an old friend from school – the list of behaviour goes on. We generally try to recapture that spark for life when things were more comfortable and simple. It can be a healthy coping mechanism, it can be a mid life crisis, it can be a mental breakdown, it can be a bad habit. Truth is we all experience it to varying degrees, nostalgia is a visceral & powerful emotion.”

Deep. But again. Truth.

The band is exciting, combining thoughts of pop punk with the iridescent qualities of pop rock, the band delivers in an effervescent and fun-loving decorum. Riotous and delightful, each verse is a tact that brings the listener in closer – to celebrate and fester in this life of ours, together.

While COVID-19 changing the trio’s plans for the remainder of 2020, easing restrictions in their beloved home state saw Bugs sell out four socially distanced shows at The Zoo, as well as performing at Airwaves and In Bloom festivals and a sold out show with fellow Brissy favourites WAAX at The Tivoli.


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