BUHU ‘Bend (Wisconsin)’ : Delighting and suggesting, all the way through.


Oh how 2 years have gone. That’s when we’d first listened to BUHU’s works and delights. The The Wisconsin / Texas duo are a husband and wife combination, and they are a fun and wide-eyed couple with loving assertions to their musical offerings. Jeremy and Tiffany are under the BUHU banner, with Jeremy being the primary songwriter for the band.

Jeremy cites: “Writing music has become a ritual I use to analyze my existence and better myself. I am consistently concerned with opening up my life and exploring the depths (and shallows) of my being. Music has provided me a needed outlet to be vulnerable about my faults, dreams and feelings. I am thankful for finding my voice. I am thankful for my passion in creating and I am thankful for my openness to evolution of process. Through it, I have found my providence. The resulting compositions of which celebrate my loves, losses, excavations and observations of the natural. I don’t expect my songs to have popular effect or to be celebrated, but I release them to all who will listen, and I am profoundly moved by anyone who finds value in my music.”

Resilient and dedicated the inspirational efforts are easy to see in Jeremy’s songs. Bit grayer and emblematic, as they project has evolved, it suits every part of the listening criterium, delighting and suggesting, all the way through.

The project’s upcoming EP, ‘Providence’ will drop later 2020. It follows their previous LP ‘Tenets’.


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