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Bull // Hernandez // Blood Cassette // My Pleasure // The Eiffels

Bull – Eugene

Stated BULL: “‘Eugene’ is around inadequacy, wastefulness and un-willful despondency.” The band is made of Dan Lucas, Kai West, Tom Beer, and Tom Gabbatiss. And the band’s charm is in the nuance of their aggression. The simmering and brooding – unadulterated vision and focus on telling the story first – becomes fully realized in their works. With unfettered usage of timing differences and staggered note progressions, the mix of garage, psyche, and prog-rock habits just flow curiously and beautifully in unison. The flow of it all, just works with ‘Eugene’ and BULL’s musical affections. See this dynamic band next at The Old Blue Last, June 21st in London. Should be a fab time.

Hernandez – Magical Sad News

Oslo based band HERNANDEZ is so very good. ‘Magical Sad News’ is a catchy track that just dips deep into our younger selves, looking past the challenges, and making the best of it all. Mix of dream and bedroom rock-pop, the overall new-wave aesthetic wrapping glistens with all of the better attributions that can delight and summarize. The band consists of: Selma (bass) , Hans Olav (drums), Jakob (guitar) and Petter (voice / synth). The quartet combines into an impenetrable guardian for truth and love, utilizing the powers of pastel shimmers and indie fascinations. We’d become fascinated with HERNANDEZ from the moment we laid ears on them. You should too. It feels very good.

Blood Cassette – Late Nite

BLOOD CASSETTE is the project of Baron Walker. The Cincinnati, Ohio based artist gleams in shimmer as the visual attentions of his sonic efforts are a beautiful melding in 80’s tinted coming-of-age cultural pop. ‘Late Nite’ is the title track of his EP, and: “The song is my interpretation of pop music in a lowbrow response and effort to nudge radio and popular music into a different less polished direction… The goal of Late Nite is to have listener’s remember the faded nights they ran the streets fondly and the times they shared with old friends with a lighter feeling than longing.” From when he was young, learning to play any and all instruments that were available helped him getting to record and tour with many rock groups in the area. That exercise, drove him to record his own original material via BLOOD CASSETTE. The passion and ambition, shows in the top shelf single, as Baron keeps our positivities alive.

My Pleasure – Five Stars

“This is a true story,” said MY PLEASURE. “‘Five Stars’ is an ode to online shoppers — one in particular, who positively reviews every-single-thing she buys on Amazon. How much can you learn about a person from their shopping history? Are we defined by the things we possess?” Quirky pop is what he does. and Lewis Young, the heart of MY PLEASURE, sings his expressive heart out in his latest EP ‘Three Singles And A Bonus Track’ (available now). Seduction of the norm is what we could describe it, as Lewis wants us to stay ‘away’ from the norm, seeking out the weird in the world, and within ourselves. Embracing until our ‘weirdness’ says it can’t breathe. Word.

The Eiffels – Spin Around

Los Angeles based pop band THE EIFFELS is an effervescent drink of choice that never fails to quench and delight, after a hard day’s work. The stress melts off of those sun stricken shoulders, as you sit down in earnest for the weekend to come. Getting up in the morning, turning on the radio, listening to the vibrant single ‘Spin Around’ is full of fiber and protein, with guilt of over feasting, never at play. The day looks better, and more colorful, as you get in that car of yours, ready to set the world on fire. That’s what THE EIFFELS do for you. And they should be in your rotation. The trio debuted in 2015 and never looked back. Bravo indeed.


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