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Bull Shares ‘Love Goo’. “That’s how they roll, indeed.”

Four piece, formed on a chance and a whim in the year of two thousand and seventeen, Tom Beer, Dan Lucas, Kai West and Tom Gabbatiss made it clear to themselves, that traveling to Germany together was a good idea.

Then quickly met with SPIRAL STAIRS (Pavement), got along, played together at their house party. Subsequently, Remko Schouten (Pavement, The Jicks) ran the rig at the house party and afterwards invited Bull to record with him in Amsterdam – far out!

The gang of 4 are an interesting bunch. With their haunched horns, guitar eccentricities, and lyrical ‘what-about-isms’, the villainous idiosyncrasies gather together to make this soup of decadently odd, but affectionate vibes in ‘Love Goo’.

A hook of a song, just digs deeper and deeper like termites at a buffet, and kills you softly with the weirdness and weirdly mainstream pop arrangement.

Unpredictable, sonically emboldened, and amazingly appropriate, the band makes it happen – someway, somehow – to bring some joy to their listening fans.

The music video was made by Kai, from the band. Collage of clips, shot on VHS camera.

That’s how they roll, indeed.



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