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Bunny – Not Even You

Bunny’s Not Even You captures the niggling feeling, we and all of us, sometimes feel. That feeling of guilt, confusion, certitude, anger, all rolled into that California roll of a sushi plate. The feeling is a bit dry, and one hates him/herself for feeling that way. But at least there’s a song to accompany it.

Not Even You can be an anthem. Well, actually, it is an anthem. A self-imposed directive, shunning that malaise of a life that one seems to be leading. It all feels bad. So bad. “Why is my life this way?” you ask yourself. “Where did it all go wrong?”

He was the one. I told him I loved him. He told me, without hesitation, that he loved me. In that instant, we were meant for each other.

Times go past. Leaves fall, chapters turned – though the pages are bit frayed. It hurts, the whole thing stinks. I’m not hungry. Never will be, I think. There’s no color in the world for me to view, any more. It’s grey. Utterly very, very grey.

I hate you. I hate the way you let me down. How could you? How could you? Letting me alone, when things could have been so good – for you, for me.

Good-bye. I don’t hate you- anymore. I don’t know you, in my memories. I forgive you. I won’t tell you, in person. But my mind’s made up.

Lets move on.

I’m in love again.

Short song, short feel, lifetime of pain and healing.

Fab song. Check Bunny out.



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