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The Buoys – Liar Liar

The Buoys’ Liar Liar is a fast paced dictation for love’s complications and weird underpinnings. The ladies in the 3 piece band calmly fixates the right calculations towards why the complexity between one and his/her significant other. It’s a challenge for sure.

‘Liar Liar’ is a single from their recently dropped EP ‘Soft Boy’.

The song and its sister songs on the EP, a continued dagger throwing, aimed at the boys or girls that just give you sh*t in a relationship.

“Allison, get the light for me?”

“No, Jake. Why can’t you get that yourself. I’m busy.”

“Because you’re closer to it.”

“I’m fine with that light on.”

“I’m not.”


“Come one, can you turn it off for me?”


Keeping that light on that fabulous relationship takes work.

Just like the fictitious Allison and Jake, it’s always the little things that just aggravate and frustrate. It’s funny.

But in a tragic way – almost always.

The layers just pile up through the months. She doesn’t like what you do. You get annoyed by what she does.

Ultimately, there’s always a ‘final straw’, which inevitably breaks the camel’s back.

Go figure.

The ladies are fab, with all the best going for them. It’s a great start to their musical endeavors.




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