Burly Herd ‘Nightstar’ : Let’s groove y’all. Let’s chill with loving attitude.

Burly Herd

From the clarity of sense, and pageantry in vibrance, ‘Nightstar’ is a groovy r&b framed danceable goodness that twinkles like your eyes (as said by your better half). Lighting up the sky with star studded vibes, Burly Herd creates textures with minimal layers and complexity.

“Occasionally we all need a bit of motivation to go out and make the best of our lives. ‘Nightstar’ is inspired by those people in our lives whose enthusiasm never falters, and makes it their mission to pick you up with their boundless energy whenever you’re feeling low. The song is laid out as an enormous crescendo, with a sparse and subdued intro which builds to an explosive climax. All this evokes the mood-lifting effect a good mate can have on an otherwise dull night.

Inspired by bombastic Japanese disco tracks of the late 80s, we were focussed on making the production as exciting and large-sounding as possible, experimenting with different types of build-ups using tremolo, reverb and delay.

Let’s groove y’all. Let’s chill with loving attitude.


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