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Burne Holiday Shares ‘I Wanted So Badly’. “Dynamic, subtle, thoughtful, under-exposed.”

We’re not really sure why BURNE HOLIDAY isn’t more widely known. But just like many a bands that are dynamic, subtle, thoughtful, and sophisticatedly expert in their craft, BURNE HOLIDAY should be a force.

Listening to their July released album ‘Memento’ (available now), hits are just chock full within the list of 12 tracks that is revealed.

The band that was once compared to Radiohead, still has the right stuff – and then some.

But we do understand. Life does get in the way.

Blooming from the Princeton University environment back in 2011, members Joey Edelmann, Cory Furlong, Nathan Tyrell, and Javier Alejandro Masis set out for themselves to do things their own way. With brisk chords, satisfying arrangements, and wistful interpretations, the quartet delved deep into the songwriting process.

And those days of booking the Princeton circuit still seems to be present in the band, as the songs in the latest album are quite refreshing, animated, exciting, and above all, still thoughtful in the lyrics.

‘I Wanted So Badly’ is one of those very thoughtful singles, ravenously demonstrating the lyrical prowess and the good-natured circumstances of the band’s core.

BURNE HOLIDAY’s latest publications should be in your consideration.

We hope to hear more and more of the band as they push forward.



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