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Buruks’ Beautifully Tailored ‘Solarity’ Invites You To Take An Auditory Journey.

BURUKS is the project of creator, multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, Brooks Palin. This ambient behemoth of a single astounds into peak adulteration with the skies and the waters of your never ending fantasies.

A mind’s travel into a fold of reality – of wins and losses – of the small and the large – and of the significant.

Her touch, his glance, the indelible small hinges of life that gave you strength, was lost to you one day. You day of gray, continued through, with no hopes of regaining the kind of affection you’d known all your life. The dwindling memories of how it once was, it begs to be revived again, as your soul cries out to be loved again.

To love again.

To hold again.

Like it used to be.

As the sun rises to the east, the golden glare of a new day warms your cold and shaken body, as if to say that “You’re not alone. You will be loved again.”

And you shall.

Not all is lost.

You breathe.

You hope.

You walk.

You ponder.

You will love again.

You will hold again.

“I wrote the track based around the concept of being alone,” said Brooks, “and learning how to be at peace with it.. something I believe a lot of us struggle with in today’s world. I believe the music evokes that emotion by sounding both melancholic yet hopeful.”

This cinematic and contagiously beautiful ensemble of emotively levitating excellence, lingers at the taste buds of the life that you have up coming.




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