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Bus Vipers – Palace

Daniel Ahern’s Bus Vipers’ Palace is out now and it’s the third single from Federal Highway EP. It’s a continuation of the weirdness that is Bus Vipers and we think it’s the shiznit (a la early 2000’s).

We at CHF think of ourselves as too normal and music/musicians like Daniel help us be awesome “weirdness poseurs” that genuinely love this kind of artistic endeavors. Palace is a ceramic smooth, indescribable void trip- even from the start with its single stinging guitar note. The thumping, deadened drums are just the delicious crust on a well done crème brûlée – it’s hard, holds the filling in place, it’s fun to crack open, and crunchy and chewy at the same time.

If one has listened to groups like Tasseomancy (who we’ve featured), we get giddy with delight when we “find” musical groups like Bus Vipers.

And like songs that we dig, the journey is too, too short. The song is just north of 2 minutes and we can’t get enough of it; seems that is a trend that we can’t turn – dang it.

Anywho, our short positive rant on Bus Vipers is ended. Shorter than 2 minutes, for sure, but definitely a resounding 2 thumbs up for the song.

Looking forward to reviewing other works from Daniel soon.



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