Buzzy Lee shares ‘Coolhand’ off of upcoming debut EP ‘Facepaint’.

“Rolling on the hand, decked out on a sun drenched lake gazebo – the taunting, the beckoning, the blames, the apologies.” Selflessly effervescent, Buzzy Lee’s ‘Coolhand’ is fantastic for the secret weirdness in YOU. It brings it out, with sincerity an oceanic calm – a calmness that is reassuring and dang entertaining.

The hooks are double serrated, and it cuts deep. 10,000 paper cuts, and you bleed to death.

Yep. Dead.

The song is good. So, good. If compared to food or snacks, it’s that unbelievable draw one has from a caramel candy. Suck on it, and suck on it some more, and the tang from the aftertaste, says ‘Come hither. There’s more where that came from.’

“I wanted to write a song about how, these days, our self-worth is so wrapped up in the ways we present ourselves on social media… We learn which parts of us are the parts that people want the most, and we give it to them when we need to make ourselves feel whole” — Buzzy Lee.

Buzzy Lee is Sasha Spielberg, and dang it, we can’t get enough.

Her debut Album will drop April 27, 2018, and the 5 song EP should be a fab experience for us fans.

Kudos, Sasha. Kudos.

Looking forward to more and more.

She’s rep’ed by Future Classic.

Buy [HERE]


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