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Buzzy Lee Shares Video For Title Single ‘Facepaint’. She’s As Dream-Like As Ever.

Selflessly effervescent…It brings it out, with sincerity an oceanic calm – a calmness that is reassuring and dang entertaining.

The hooks are double serrated, and it cuts deep. 10,000 paper cuts, and you bleed to death.

That’s how we’d felt about her single ‘Coolhand’. And in comparison, her single ‘Facepaint’, like a novel’s chapter, flipping over the edges of the course paper – it’s satisfying. Your skin doesn’t want to let go of that texture, of overlapping rhinds and exo-fibers. At least, until the last moment.

Buzzy’s an interesting prospect, and we dig her, as we did in our last review.

Her benevolent caning in that soft voice of hers, rebuke that constant gleaning of the road to nowhere. Only in your mind, you tell yourself. However, it seem obvious.

But it’s not.

It’s only truth, is it’s existence, in your truth frame.

Kudos, Buzzy. Kudos.

Debut EP ‘Facepaint’ is available now.

She’s rep’ed by Future Classic.

Buy [HERE]

Listen to ‘Coolhand’ [HERE]


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