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BXHXLD Shares An Antidote To Our Personal Blues With ‘It’s Alright’.

BXHXLD (pronounced “Behold”) brings all of us the delightful and positively tinged single ‘It’s Alright’. The Brooklyn based artist strums into our bodily fibers, by terminating the links between our realities, and helping to reconnect to our basic longings.

The inner struggles of minor and major, bulldozes our inclinations in sanity. ‘It’s Alright’ reminds us of the acceptance and embracing of ‘flaws and shortcomings’ that we harbor. It will sunshine tomorrow. It always does.

Tony Tulloch is BXHXLD. And his love of music permeates through the soft layer of emotions, which is drenched in his personal challenges and fight with un-altering and stubborn ‘demons’.

In 2008, Tony decided to move forward, in a big way. His transformation into the project named BXHXLD began. “The inspiration was birthed from a need to be acknowledged.”

His first debut project ‘New York Is Trying To Kill Me’ was a symptom of how the city and its ‘vices’ was digging itself into Tony’s heart and mind – slowly executing his soul and deviations. Although working at a corporate job at JP Morgan, and driving his musical sound in his basement studio, things had to turn. “The album was the culmination of endless drunken nights, the women who soundtrack them, and the pulsing heart of the city that unflinchingly swallows its own.

That journey continues, for Tony.

BXHXLD’s talents are undeniable, palpable, and with a voice that cuts through, we recommend we all check out his latest 2018 collection.

Pop, folk, rock, r&b – BXHXLD is a compelling listen.



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