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By an Ion & Timecop1983 Shares ‘Falling Apart’ (The New Division Remix).

‘Falling Apart’ is a part of Timecop1983’s summer 2017 ‘Lovers EP – PART II’ and the duo from By An Ion (Ray Aguilar & Alex Gonzales) collaborated to produce the single, injecting the same kind of emotive and versatile lyrics to the song, as we’d expect from the San Diego duo.

Now, as an update, the producer John Glenn Kunkel adds his flavor to the original with his take on a remix.

By An Ion’s latest offering dropped in November with couple of reviews for their singles by us. For their single ‘Violet Sky’ – “tells us the journey has ended – but has just begun. It’s the tip of the iceberg, delineated by the water’s tension. ‘Autre Vie’ – “takes us on a trek of other worldly beauty, and renaissance – dictating our emotions to the cusp of ‘un-knowledge’. It begs to differ. It wholly consoles. And its fusion holds our hands, and doesn’t want to let go.”

“We truly did aim for a specific sound in our music , we want to give a breath of fresh air , tranquility and positivity to our listeners.”

Jordy Leenaertsand is aka Timecop1983 and has been a fixture in the synthwave and retrowave genre for a long while with electronic verses dipped in the lustful and glorious 80’s colors we come to expect. He’s a prolific publisher. His latest offering is ‘Lovers EP – PART II’.

John Glenn Kunkel is The New Division and has been leading his quest for synthpop bliss for a long while as well, and continues to be on his game. His latest single ‘One Night In Tokyo’ can easily tell of the kind of output he produces.

We’re fans of Ray, Alex, Jordy and John. We’re looking for more and more from all of them, as ever.



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