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Bygone Summers Shares Romantic Single ‘How We Fell’.

BYGONE SUMMERS is a long project of bedroom-pop chords, that span a wealth of time and space. The project with prints from 2018, and the spitting shimmer is perpetrated by Marcos Rodriguez.

Out of a bedroom kind of attitude, the 10x10x10 3D fissure of mental and emotional countenance, rattle with understated angst for the surge of creativity that just lies beneath. ‘How We Fell’ is a romance, for the love of romance, hindered by romance, and denigrated in the filth of lust and the curiosity, within. As always, the understated tones behest the over arching anxiety to fulfill and to exert into the real world.

Marcos’s long project is one large sheet of moving glacier that moves you, albeit in its own mysterious ways.

Have at his works.


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