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C.A.R. presents ‘Pinned’. Available now and evokes mystery for beautiful journeys to come.

Pumped up, and exciting, C.A.R.’s ‘Pinned’ is the follow-up to ‘My Friend’. Chloé Raunet faithfully disinfects and wipes her experience, and presents a forward and notable work in the new album. It hits many genres, and the taste is glorious and delectable to our indie ears.

The consistency in the songs profoundly trips up the journey within a journey-untaken, as of yet. Beckons the question in pop and the extremities of pop/electronica. The stories are masked. The telling tone is shrouded. The end outputs brings out the best of sonic intrusiveness.

Our faves on this album are: ‘Heat’, ‘Flat Out at the Sockhop’, ‘Cholera’, ‘Growing Pains’.

That’s how we feel the album encapsulates: ‘Come put your hand on my thigh. Get slapped. You like that? I like that you are mine.” It might be just us, but the sexual tension and apoplectic resonance is full and desired.

Anywho, Raunet is so very talented. And we dig her so.

‘Pinned’ dropped February 16, 2018.

She’s rep’ed by Ransom Note.

FYI. Official release party next Tuesday February 20th at the Waiting Room (London).



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