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C. Friend // Little Big Town // Venture Palace // Solomon Sprenger // Star Garbage

C. Friend – Far Too Soon

From ‘Of Jeffery Pines’ LP, C. Friend sings with loving longing in ‘Far Too Soon’. Marked with dignities in the imperfect, perfection of honesty and vibrance, the forward thinking and past-ward dethroning through acoustic shine is indelible and refreshing. The 22 year old based in Columbus Ohio has a clean and optimistically burdensome melancholy in songwriting, where doves of betterment fly, but always with one toe deep in the waters of the now. Known for his talents, in music, friendship, goodness, and his self deprecating humor, the nostalgia of C. Friend comes at no loss of pixels for the picture of what life should be. A clearly decadent ‘Give It A Go’ kind of attitude, sums up the characteristically shimmering songs from this fellow from the mid-west. C. Friend is more multi-faceted in his music writing than he’d probably admit. Hope we’ll keep seeing more from C. Friend.

Little Big Town – Over Drinking

Little Big Town began with Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild, two Georgia natives who began singing together in college. Arkansas-born and Alabama-raised Jimi Westbrook, a friend of Fairchild’s husband, joined them to make a trio, and the group was completed by the addition of Arkansan Phil Sweet in 1998. With this performance (amongst many of their other performances), you get shivers when listening to the almost perfect chorus. The opportune story telling, with the powerful vocals of all of the lead and back-up vocal harmonies, churn your exercise to sing along. Live or studio, Little Big Town has been a go-to band for many decades and from contemporary, country goodness like ‘Over Drinking’, there’s no evidence that this kind of vibe will ever end. The band is made up of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook. They bring the excellence that we always expect.

Venture Palace – Wastin’

New duo based in Nashville, Venture Palace is a bringer of fresh sounds, new music, and their debut album named ‘Salt’ (2020). Consisting of A.C. DeMoss and Casey Peranich, the voluptuously full sounds come from the layers of thought and adventures represented on ‘Wastin’. The vocals, looking for discernment of life and vagary – and guitars and sound signatures, indignant of the present, never able to shed the light of the past – all combine to work at your brain cells to suss out questions and answers. The do comes at us with much to offer. A beautifully blue and transparent fog of knowledge are about to be published from the hands of these artists. An iceberg of magnitude – littered with stories to tell – stories within their own style of multi-genre invocations. Look forward to it.

Solomon Sprenger – Agreeable Sounds

“This is a song I wrote upon some revelations I had about myself,” said Solomon Sprenger. “I see it as a way of accepting myself in order to move forward.” Must. The Universe wills it. It’s a hanging chad of selections that dangle with dangerous implications, if not chosen. Must. Profound sounds and effect of hearts grinding in this machine of the living, Solomon, is, slowly but surely, grinding out a shape of a key to salvation. His salvation. Now and forever. Reaching out and about to open the door. He’d been quoted as saying that his “friends think his music is “pretty good” and his parents think his music is at least a “decent hobby”. We think Solomon’s got something. Don’t let the underrated beats and raw lo-fi thing-a-ma-bob sounds, fool you. It’s a banger, in its own right.

Star Garbage – Tired

Star Garbage (formerly as Babe Grenade), is a rock band based in Denver. With Alli Walls’ wailing rock vocals, she and her bandmates, Connor Brown, Isaac Friend, and Taylor Marvin throw it down to the floor and wants to get back at their exes with a machine gun of words and rhythmic mayhem. Their single ‘Tired’ is from their self-titled EP, and the band is willing and able to crunch up your heart beat, pull it out of your chest cavity, then display it for the audience to see and feel its ever living attitude for rock. The pumping guests in live-fueled vibes in ‘Tired’ delivers with vast amounts of decadence and pure adrenaline. Simple equation: Star Garbage + Your Ears = Rock n’ Roll heaven. See them next live @ Lost Lake, Denver on December 6th. Feel it.


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