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C. SHIROCK Shares ‘Eyes Of Sorrow’. “Marry enamored melodies and layers, upon decadence.”

Once you hear the crying of the chorus in C. SHIROCK’s latest ‘Eyes of Sorrow’, you won’t be able to look away. The electro/synth driven new-wave addition to the musical Universe, is pure power and glory, as the story of the state of politics and culture, becomes the focus of this single.

C. Shirock explained: “Everything from the wall, to gun violence, racism, immigration policies, etc… all of it is fed into ‘Eyes Of Sorrow.’”

Chuck Shirock is C. SHIROCK, and the band has been pumping out the good-stuff for a long while, and that trend doesn’t stop with this latest.

Outpouring from the deliberate and sentimental vocals of Chuck, delivers the vulnerability and agency, which perpetuates al of the unique offerings from a C. SHIROCK production.

As the drama of his observed environments take his songwriting into atmospheric heights, the drive in rhythms and actuations, marry enamored melodies and layers, upon decadence.

Unseen, it must be heard.

Unheard, it must be felt.

Understood, but consequences must be explained.

Your senses hear one, as your heart muscles palpitate into something different, and wild – all within a gentile footprint of mind and soul.

C. SHIROCK’s music has been featured in the U.S. with multiple national TV networks including NBC and ABC, with brands like American Eagle and Hollister.



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