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Caan – Light Me Up

“Light Me Up is about the magic of summer & in particular 2018, one I’ll never forget,” said Caan. “Those long days and warm nights abroad with a load of mates, all on the pursuit of happiness and pleasure. But I found something deeper than hedonism. An individual so pure and real that she lit up my summer and changed my world forever.” Music has been in Caan’s life since birth – his grandfather used to play clarinet in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Both of his parents were avid music lovers, playing an eclectic mix of music in the Turkish & Irish household. His older brothers handed down their love of hip-hop, acid house, jungle and R&B and to an impressionable teenage Caan. Caan added: “Music is a way to “pour over emotions and puzzle back some sort of answer,” says the Camden-born, Tottenham-dwelling artist. “I’m not here for the fame or social media hype…I feel like I have experienced that before with the band, and it never ended up bringing any real joy. I’m just here to make meaningful pop music that people can relate to or connect with.” Word.

MOYOGI – Blue Fish With Yellow Eyes

Pavel Trencsik leads the project named MOYOGI. And the Budapest, Hungary based classic rock band delves in and out of several sub-genres to tell the tales of the ins and outs of the environments, touched and experienced in their lives. As the ray of sunshine dials and hits your face, the warmth again reminds you of the warmth of her touch next to you. The comfort of the things that exist in the world, seems to be tolerable again. On this single Pavel Trencsík, Krisztina Hegyi, and Pataki László puts their talents to great use for the betterment of us listeners. The smoothest of their singles so far, the reverberating vocals of Pavel, dances in glances with the guitar picks, as the classic-rock folk vibes of rainbows warm your face and heart.

Al Pride – Sober by Tomorrow

Vulnerable and proud. Desolate but fulfilled. Cornered but out of the depths of helplessness and desperation. Al Prid’s live senssion of ‘Sober By Tomorrow’ is a beautifully sung rendition of a poignantly presented vaccine for the mundane. Love is love, and nothing can change that. And when ‘Sober By Tomorrow’ is sung with this supple gentility, you vibe with its ambitions and effort to do things right with its message. Once again filmed in the impressive setting of the Filter4 in Basel, Switzerland, the eight-piece band does the fans proud as they brighten up the atmosphere with sullen lyrics and the grandeur of the moment in moments. Electronic sounds merge elegantly with brass, acoustic guitar and voices that sing of change, self-doubt and ultimately reconciliation with themselves, in satisfying and undulating wisps of vision. See them next @ Gaskessel Bern, Switzerland, on October 31st.

Winona Oak – Let Me Know

Born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden on a small crop of land called Sollerön. After moving to Stockholm to pursue her musical ambitions, she’d dove into Neon Gold Records’ writing retreat in the Nicaraguan jungle in 2017. There she met with Australian electronic maestro What So Not, where later co-wrote two singles ‘Better’ and ‘Struck In Orbit’. She invigorates in its inherently melancholic but anthemic shimmer, when she sings. Something very natural to her, to be sure. Her previous single ‘Break My Broken Heart’ is off to a similar start, hitting 1 million views for the video in just its first week online. Totally expected. Totally warranted.

Rantama – Dying Star

Innovative, progressive, 70’s rock, Finnish gumption – all of these come together so very well in this RUSH meets Detroit-blues slash, jazz amalgamation. It’s a perplexing and fabulous addition to this musical Universe. Just like finding a new species of biological entity, Rantama’s single ‘Dying Star’ is explosive as the cosmos will let it. Said Rantama: “fighting its way up from barren land, hardened by the ruthless seasons, echoing endlessly like in the vast and gloomy forests of their native land. “Dying Star” is a child of Autumn just like myself and was created when gazing at the stars in a dark forest, in awe of the wonders of the distant galaxies. The sight made me think about the big ass wheels that are turning globally, politically and in our personal music careers as well. That’s what “Dying Star” is all about. It is the second single from the upcoming full-length album.” Expert drumming, expert guitar works, expressive vocals, and delicious timing changes drive the uniqueness of ‘Dying Star’. Just listen to the jamming session at the end of the song – a substantive and railing exhibition that is thinly represented in the musical sphere. Hailing from the lakeside town of Kuopio in eastern Finland, the band was formed in 2014, originally as an instrumental powerhouse trio by three close friends. Their new album is set to launch in early 2020. Timo Rantama, Iiro Laitinen, Tatu Back, and Taavi Kiiskinen make up Rantama.

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