CAB 3 ‘Doin’ it 4 Time’ : Soundtrack of science fiction meeting the urban world.


CAB 3 is a producer of the digital age, one who is completely versatile and this is demonstrated through his forthcoming EP released on his own creative platform RadHaz Records.

Caesar Augustvs Bassus III or for short ‘CAB 3’ the Bass Connoisseur and Roman Emperor who’s built an illusive story regarding his background, helping to create his brand sets the tone for his expansion which is due to take place in 2020 with his ‘Dirt Dub’ EP. CAB 3 explores several different genres of music including trap, drum / bass and even house, each of which he masters with ease.

As the vocals come into play the cracking snare comes to the forefront of the mix then its winding baseline ducks and dives with a groove that sits perfectly with the drums-the soundtrack of science fiction meeting the urban world.


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