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Cab Ellis // Mungo Parker // Noah Kankanala // Majjin Boo // Rogue Satellites

Liz Bedore

Cab Ellis – Suburbia

“We care deeply about this song,” said Cab Ellis, “and believe others can identify, as it explores leaving the comfort and formative experiences of your hometown to pursue a dream that you wouldn’t be able to achieve if you were to stay. It’s about how this ambition ran parallel to me and my two best friends from home as we grew up together and navigated the ups and downs of youth as it dwindled between us.” So has that dream for achieving those aims been realized? If you had, what tells you that prize had been won? Is it your inner strength and conviction that tells you? Or is the hint for that end, related to you by forces other than yourself? Once achieved, will you be satisfied with the outcome? Guess you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. The death of a dream comes from staying in one place, of comfort from either the pain or pleasure. Convincing oneself to take that first step, is a huge peak to climb over. We think Cab Ellis and the gang wants us to think, but get over that hump, as quickly as possible. There’s no perfection in moving emotions and everything that comes along with it. Pushing the gas pedal, might be the remedy you’d been looking for. The band has, and continues to impress.

Mungo Parker – Your Eyes

Raised in East Sheen, South-West London, Mungo Parker releases his first album in late 2019. The album documents Mungo’s life through his music, based on his loves, losses, wandering between monotonous jobs, disappointments, regrets and political causes. Mungo’s deep mahogany expressions through his vocals make his music that much more unique, and when it slowly shuffle to the fore as you listen, you get struck by the strength of the conviction and full acceptance of the story. From Mungo, there is a sense that nothing is a secret. His life is an open book where, subjects of thoughts have to be exposed to the sun. For scars to heal. For hearts to mend. For bodies of existence to move forward. We’d said of Mungo’s work: “The vexing curls of innuendos and uncertainties, give others a rise in confidence, as Mungo’s expressions, correctly and (more defyingly) beautifully corral such sentiments into submission.” Still true.

Noah Kankanala – The City
Bloomington, Indiana based Noah Kankanala is about the small and the large. Weighted by the energies of his world, he reminisces and pieces together the thoughts that passed, emotions that enveloped, and the people who crossed his path. “‘The City’ is an anthemic indie rock song with an americana feel,” said Noah. “I was inspired to write this song after a close friend of mine moved from a small town in NC to Raleigh. Growing up in a small town, we always dreamed of the city, and thought of it as this place of infinite possibilities. We were so fixated on the future, that we never realized the importance of our local – the people and places that affected and shaped the people we are today. “The City” is about remembering these things of our past, and how we take them with us wherever we go.” In the best traditions of artist like Bruce Springsteen, and Leonard Cohen, the work of personalities within bodies of the regular folks, continues to make deep impressions for Noah. Vibes of slipping innuendos and casting shadows of days gone by, detailed in the formation of such strife and stress, for those involved, the artist impunes a magistrate of imminent calls for the future to come. The future where from the past’s crumbs, seem to have been all worth the uniqueness they’d bloomed. Noah Kankanala began writing songs during the fall of 2014, in a hot garage outside of Chapel Hill, NC. In August 2019, Kankanala released his next solo work, a single produced and engineered by Grant Mitchell called ‘In Line’.

Majjin Boo – Mom’s Marines

The phrase “Mom’s Marines” reminds the listener that every soldier was once a child, and that we are all born innocent. Majjin Boo is a six-piece rock band from Richmond, VA that formed around the songs and voice of Frank Roberts. Radical, extreme, of ‘another decade’ of garage/grunge and roots based vocals, collide in this menagerie of cocktails, delivering with guitar driven anxieties and story telling expertise. Majjin Boo has shared the stage with national touring acts such as Charly Bliss, And The Kids, The Mimicking Birds, Little Tybee, OMNI, Mdou Moctar, Madeline Kenney and many others. The band has also played music festivals like Good Day RVA in Richmond, VA, and MACROCK in Harrisonburg, VA. In November of 2019, Majjin Boo will release their first full-length album, ‘Go Between’.

Rogue Satellites – Son Of an Atom Bomb

Jaye Thomas and Lisa Poszywak of Detroit’s Rogue Satellites started working together in 2011. Their new EP ‘Baby I’m Jeff​’ drops November 9th, and it should be a doozy of an indie rock affair. From ‘Son Of An Atom Bomb’, the psyche-tinged marching orders to the anti-future progressive visions, cast a familiar looking and much more forward looking single vibe than you’d expect. The veteran duo are reconnecting with their instruments: partially lifting the ethereal stomp-box haze that permeates their most recent efforts. Drawing more influence from the 90s than the 60s or the 80s, ​Baby I’m Jeff ​has a new urgency and drive. The album will be released on CD (Space Camp Records, Detroit) and cassette (Midwest Action, Chicago), in addition to being available on most digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) ‘Son Of An Atom Bomb’ is an intriguing offering, that hits your solar plexus with equal gentility and amassed understated suppression.


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