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Cable Ties Shares Single ‘Choking To Choose’. “Yep. This is how it should be done.”

There are times in our lives when things just go haywire. The Universe just collapses around you and wants to eat you alive. The darkness comes around and just lingers and injects that pain, upon pain, and you just have to take it because you are powerless.

Guess that’s where music like CABLE TIES’ single ‘Choking To Choose’ comes around, and give a shining glimmer of hope to your, never the less, agonizing piece of life.

The band stated: “It’s about the limits of political action through consumer choices, ‘ethical consumption’ and whether it’s something that can actually influence change or whether it’s just a signal to those around you about how ‘woke’ you are. [It’s] about the limits that come with expressing your feminist politics only through the clothing that you wear and the beauty practices you do or don’t perform on your body. Ultimately it calls for us to look beyond these individualistic, consumer choices and start analysing the conditions of the society within which we make those choices.”

With that hard driving intro bass line setting the scene, you’re ready to get on that motorcycle for anything that can come your way.

The single gets ‘right to it’ and you are swept into a controlled frenzy and you don’t care if your intimates are showing after the winds rip your clothes to shreds. The driving vocals, by singer and guitarist Jenny McKechnie, rapture and caress you with razors, and, also, you don’t care if you bleed. At least it feels like you’re alive once more.

The world has numbed you and it feels like living once more.

We shall dance naked to this single, because we all have that sh*tty day, week, month, year, and you just wanna head bang!

We’re all simple animals, when you think about it.


Let’s rock on!

The trio rockets are made up of Jenny McKechnie, Nick Brown, and Shauna Boyle. See them on their upcoming UK tour with Dingwalls in London on May 8th first on the calendar.



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