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Caeleb Doughty // Liljackeey // Otto Knows // Olmos // Tenna

Caeleb Doughty – Precious

“I wrote and sung this song about a friend, who acts stuck up and special but at the same time acts like they’re useless in life.” CAELEB DOGHTY is as grounded as they come. The 23 year old singer/songwriter though knows how to do it up in song, to tell a story, in convincing way. The alt-pop r&b/soul vibin’ single ‘Precious’ keep it light, with the edges of the subject, at the edge of what is real. Caeleb, though doesn’t look it from the outside, is as introspective an sultry as you can get. Not taking life too seriously, he takes his music making in the opposite direction. Good stuff.

Liljackeey – Runaway

LILJACKEEY’s decision on the build up to her chorus in ‘Runaway’ was an enthralling choice. Juxtaposition, and unexpected to a degree, the first single release by the artist, is a twinkling alt-pop premise that is both critically salient and commercially inviting. The song was written and produced by LILJACKEEY couple of years prior, but the freshness and modernity exported from the sounds is both fabulous and charming. The pace is quite different as it melds, with purpose, a light vision for what her brand of pop can be. LILJACKEEY is Jax, and we’re looking forward to what else she can offer.

Otto Knows – About You

Stressless and living-the-life. That is the vibe of OTTO KNOWS’ latest single ‘About You’ offers the listener. With ultra hooky chorus and a beautifully chosen vocal collab (Amanda Cygnaeus), the single is a sunshine of expectation, delicately constructed in that favorite cup of tea that you love. It’s warm, heartening, empathetic, and it’s a song of love and what love can be. After a long hiatus, Otto returns and is on fire, quickly and emphatically with ‘About You’. Get to know OTTO KNOWS, because we think he’s got what you’d been looking for.

Olmos – A Little More

American producer/DJ OLMOS comes at us this time with an effervescent EDM/Synth-pop production of ‘A Little More’ featuring vocalist Beth Duck. The triumphant pop single is all the things that you want from what could be love, on that dance floor, connecting, and with invigorating excitement in tow. There’s little more to add in words. It’s all about the vibe, and the person dancing right in front of you. Is she the one? Is he forever? All you need to do is find out. See OLMOS next at 1015 Folsom on November 7th in San Francisco California.

Tenna – Skies

Toronto based r&b/pop singer/songwriter TENNA brings beauty into the world of long distance relationships and its challenges. It’s a metaphor for many things that come between us and success through the course of our lifetime. A dedicated relationship is one of them, and arguably one of the biggest things that encourages or defeats us. Tenna stated: “We often try to see the positive side in something that may not be so good after all. Even if something is broken, we stick it out and try to fix it. For me this song is about thinking with your heart and having your head in the clouds. Sometimes we want more from someone emotionally or intellectually and they simply are incapable of giving it to us, even if they might want to.” Salient words from a talented artist. ‘Skies’ is off of the upcoming Ep ‘Silver Storm’.


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