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Caelo Shares ‘Better With You’. “Alt-Rock Forever land. Get Consumed.”

South Africa based alt-rock / prog-rock band CAELO is something else. Innovative, exciting, inquisitive, driving, yearning – the rock in their middle name is deliciously odd and future-seeking. It is what you need to get the weekend going.

Coming back from a self-induced hiatus from the glitz and glamour of the live stage, the band is ready to swing it out of the park, once more.

Powerful and damningly invigorating, the single ‘Better With You’ touches all of the points of why you thought you were into music in the first place. And when a conduit like CAELO comes with this enthralling offering, you just bop and rock to the beat.

The song body slams you with new notes and arrangements. When they have stopped body-slamming you onto the canvas, your ears perk, just like when you had that first cup of espresso.


The trio make rhythm guitars as the base for it all, and it drives the rest of the song to shine.

“Music, for us, is a means of self-actualizing. Song-writing is not just an expressive exercise, but a way of engaging, of asking tough questions,” stated the band.

“We released our debut body of work in September 2017. It’s a consolidation of our early months of hard work. In May this year we put out b-sides from the recording sessions of that time. This is just the beginning for us, and we’ve had the the privilege of getting some encouraging reviews from music industry aficionados on our music and live performances.”

The pureness of ‘Better With You’ is a your pathway to guiltless pleasures. Sonically it delivers, with the passion and fun that, at the core, a song should amount to.

Let’s all get to know CAELO, for the first time, then continue to embrace for good and all.



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