Caesura ‘Portrait’ : Blind you in giddy revelry and gripping story reverberations.


Gorgeous intervention of light and dark, glisten with each beat as Caesura’s single ‘Portrait’ blind you in giddy revelry and gripping story reverberations. A future of indicative adorations, only crumble at the sights of the invisible and unknown.

Just like you. Just like us. We meet in the middle of the oceans, where needles of hearts lock up in an entanglement of emotions and promises. A needle of hay and inheritable concoctions for an unadulterated masses; we dive in, knowing there’s no more knowing than it’s ever been.

“Our debut single, Portrait, is an inner scream reborn as a song, written from the loneliness of the crowd,” admitted the band. “We wrote this song as newcomers to a big city, hopeful and naive. What we thought would be a social and fresh start, quickly became alienation. We were continuously surrounded and disconnected among all these strangers. Locked away in our own dimensions of thought and emotion, we are left with superficial ways of perceiving each other. We merely see portraits.”

A turn for another. A turn in a chapter. Taking the risk for advancement. Never knowing when it can become.

The universe can feel as though it is just a glancing blow, as it passes by, in gusts.

Oslo Norway based Caesura is helmed by the threads of Helene Nygren (vocals) and Henrik Wensell (guitar), Gard Schie Myhre (guitar), Jørgen Lund Straumsnes (drums), and Emma Cathrin (bass).

Caesura goes forth, even knowing there’s no more knowing than it’s ever been.

The song and that passion for expression, must go on.

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Through an amazing coincidence, we ended up at @schumann_lydbureau during the spring of 2019. At this point in time, our band consisted of only Henrik and Helene, and neither of us had any studio experience. We sent ahead our self recorded demo's, hoping it would lead to a cooperation, and a proper recording. To our own delight, we were met with great enthusiasm as soon as we entered @schumann_lydbureau, which resulted in a successful teamwork. Through the months we spent in the studio, Jo participated as co-producer as well as bass player. The drum kit was operated by Espen Nesset of @lonelykamel, and suddenly we were recording our very first music. Finally we are announcing the release of our first single, which will be out the 1st of February, and we are wonderfully excited to share it with you! Huge thanks to everyone who collaborated. To Jo Schumann for an incredible cooperation, and all the time you dedicated is appreciated. To Espen Nesset for amazing drumming, and to David Larring for splendid mixing and studio technique. // stay tuned //

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