CAIRO LIBERATION FRONT ‘ESRAR’ : Magnetically drive your listening curiosities and ultimate love for the project.

Cairo Liberation Front / Photo: Tom Roelofs

Cairo Liberation Front (CLF) was started by Yannick Verhoeven and Joep Schmitz, two geeky and somewhat naïve Dutch devotees of Egyptian electro-cha3bi. The discovery of this highly infectious music (originating in the streets of Cairo) prompted the duo to begin collecting tracks and creating mixtapes to help try and promote electro-cha3bi to the rest of the world. Along the way the duo became a trio with the addition of vocalist Bagdaddy. This fiery punk was born in Iraqi, but had never sang in her native language before meeting Verhoeven and Schmitz. Her own attitude connected so well with the values and beliefs of the collective’s DIY ethos that joining CLF as a full-time member felt obvious. Becoming a three-piece has led to an exciting new chapter for the group.

For album ‘Eurabia, Vol. 3’ the band decided to try their hand at incorporating a greater degree of non-electronic sounds and percussion into the writing process. In the studio they received help from multi-instrumentalist N.R. Safi, best known as the lead singer of the Arizona-based drone rock band The Myrrors as well as for Naujawanan Baidar, his solo Afghan folk/noise project. His input can be heard on several tracks, but perhaps most prominently on the instrumental ‘Asban’. Bagdaddy leads the charge on opening track ‘La-a’ and lead single ‘Esrar’, while ‘Milli’ folds in the group’s experiments with funk percussion and space rock. This last volume of the Eurabia series is built in equal parts of collaboration and friendship, exploring the endless possibilities to be found in bridging disparate worlds and dovetailing everything with open-minded but finely-honed production.

Bagdaddy’s gripping taunts through her vocals, magnetically drive your listening curiosities and ultimate love for the project. The profound and elevated project, bringing early vibes of bands like M.I.A. and Santigold, the trio is a delicious pallet of flavors, anytime and anywhere.


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