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Cal Rifkin Shares ‘God Damn’. “Oh the humanity. Oh this unfair world.”

CAL RIFKIN is a mystery, just because he wants to be. Or maybe he has some dark secret hiding under his emotional-bed. Or he assumes that his only goal in life is to make good and consumable songs. Wait, that’s exactly what artists do, right?

‘God Damn’ is the latest from CAL RIFKIN, and it isn’t something to slouch over. If you do, you’ll be sprinkled with fairy dust, and kisses from that hot girl from Economics class. And you don’t want to be seen with sprinkles when the hot girl gazes at you, in disgust, but with a tinge of interest.

Oh the humanity. Oh this unfair world.

In all seriousness, Cal’s a big talent, as the band keeps the indie-folk vibes deliciously fabulous. The guitar driven single is a prodigiously story driven exclamation mark. The thought and instance of life – at the moment – at that slice of life.

The song is a blissful shoegazy shimmer to hold on to.

Look for more from CAL RIFKIN.


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