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Calfskin – Dreamers

In the best tradition of the 80’s new wave, Calfskin’s Dreamers selectively promulgates the essence of the genre – at the same time, cautiously and humbly manifesting its own take on it.

At first, it’s very unassuming.

The synth, the notes, the vocals.

The synth arrangement seems predictable in the first bar. But Konstantin (aka Calfskin) delightfully adjusts to make the song start in a more memorable way. And the combination of the notes and Kontantin’s vocals just isolates that attraction to such style, we all come to love about the 80’s new wave scene.

But the vocals just makes it icing on the cake and it solidifies the enjoyment we can extract from the song, to a second level.

Ultimately, it starts very reminiscent of Depeche Mode when it starts, but ends at Calfskin.

This is a good thing.

Angel of the morning, standing on top of the fall dew.
Scraping nodules, on top of red butterfly flowers.
Wondering how the sun will take the droplets.
Hinting at the early afternoon.

Calfskin’s ‘Dreamers’ 2 song EP is already out for purchase.

Also, check out his ‘Historyrepeating’ full album from 2014. It is a better representation of what Calfskin is and what it can produce.




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