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Cali Santo ‘Big Moon’ : Beautiful addition to the musical Universe.

A presence of knowledge is ever beleaguered and unavoidable.

Cali Santo

Beneath the sultry sky of shaking leaves and warm summer winds, a presence of knowledge is ever beleaguered and unavoidable. The heavens open up like the formula of nature and the antithetical – slathering with consumable contentment and love.

Cali Santo is the recording project of Brighton based singer/songwriter Ben Bishop, and he brings beautiful comforts through his song and sentiments. Lead single ‘Big Moon’ opens the EP, a grand statement of intent and a deft introduction to Cali Santo’s soulful yet melancholic songwriting.

Hastings born, Brighton based Ben Bishop is a surging songwriting talent with a deftness for fusing heartfelt lyricism with celestial arrangements. His first fully fledged release as Cali Santo is a mindful meander through adolescence, refracting tropes of classic rock and Americana to delineate coming of age in the modern world.

A big step in this lyrically vibin’ modern folk, where garments of our past sway with that warm summer air, of our dreams.

Cali Santo’s ‘Big Moon’ is a beautiful addition to the musical Universe.



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