Cali Santo ‘Future Fear’ : Mindful meander through obsolescence, refracting tropes.

Cali Santo

‘Future Fear’ closes out the debut EP from Cali Santo, shining a light on the anxiety surrounding transitioning from adolescent carelessness to the pressures of early adulthood.

A wash of reversing textures paves the way for quietly melancholic acoustics before the song explodes into life, delivering a grand arrangement anchored by a powerful vocal longing for answers amidst the uncertainty.

Cali Santo is the recording project of Brighton based singer/songwriter Ben Bishop, and he brings beautiful comforts through his song and sentiments. With a narrative that bravely takes on ambivalence with an unabashedly heartfelt delivery, ‘Future Fear’ showcases all that Cali Santo represents.

Hastings born, Brighton based Ben Bishop is a surging songwriting talent with a deftness for fusing heartfelt lyricism with celestial arrangements. His first fully fledged release as Cali Santo is a mindful meander through obsolescence, refracting tropes of classic rock and Americana to delineate coming of age in the modern world.


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