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Calista Garcia // The Kevin Conness Band // Tommy Ocean // Munky // Steve Murphy

Calista Garcia – Stuck In Your Head

CALISTA GARCIA will be in our popular culture, ever bigger in the years to come. Bringing the fundamental pop awareness in her songs, with the palpable indie-folk/Americana goodness that relates to us all. ‘Stuck In Your Head’ is indicative of many of the fab traditions of past greats within the 70’s psyche-pop genre. With Calista’s vocal range and delightful whimsy, the song pops out like primary colors of the rainbow and just makes thing fun. The talented songwriter’s journey has just begun to bloom as she steps steadfastly into the exciting future, she’s created.

The Kevin Conness Band – Matter of Mind

Life is better with a cup of THE KEVIN CONNESS BAND. The elixir of fun and mixing genres, gather your scattered life and we dance. We dance to the tunes in full expectation for the therapy of the eternal. Love and the gray between comes into play with ‘Matter Of Mind’ where modern jazz-rock blames the naughty out of your senses. There is a better tomorrow, as the bass plays. There is a better tomorrow as the vocals sing and chant. There is a better tomorrow as the combination of guitar and drums, shine with exuberance. “It will be better”. That’s how things should be. Be positive. There’s only one way and it’s up. We’ll take this single today and deposit it into our bank – our emotional bank, that is.

Tommy Ocean – Raindrops

Tommy has been a staple at CHF, as he’s shown us his simple but direct folk acoustic lyrical poetry, again and once again. ‘Raindrops’ is one of his offerings and it is, like his other singles, is capped and anchored by the words. His words are what stands out in every iteration of emotions. By proxy, the singular decadence of acoustic instruments – guitar, voice, harmonica – combine to give a structures ambience that can only be TOMMY OCEAN. It’s his time as a musician and he’s all in to share such personal delights that are drenched in honesty and integrity. Is there more to ask of in a folk singer/songwriter? Tommy is based in Breisach, Germany and had song in his heart since childhood. Life got in the way, but he’s giving it his most genuine in his music.

Munky – Zordon

Opening trackon debut EP? Check. Gritty power riffs for the mind? Check. Give a shit, but don’t give a shit? Double check. MUNKY’s single ‘Zordon’ is the contrary sweet and sour single from this rockin’ indie band. In everything they do, they are ‘LIVE’. The sound they love is the sound of being one with the audience. From instrumentals and from vocals, it is about the experience. And boy, you surely can feel that excitement throughout this fabulous single. The detractors of such style of recording is missing out, for it is what ‘rock n roll’ attitude should exude. Their EP ‘Un, Deux, Trois, Cat’ is a perspective of MUNKY. And that dementia of angles and crunching sensibilities, rack you bosoms, if you don’t have any. You checked didn’t you?! We did too. ‘Zordon’ is just the beginning. Scrumptious. Oh, by the by, check out their single ‘Cuck Rock’. That’s a fun ride, to be sure.

Steve Murphy – A Hostile Takeover of Your Heart

‘A Hostile Takeover Of Your Heart’ was written as a poem for his wife. Said STEVE MURPHY: “As I began writing and recording songs again over the winter, I realized the melody of the text matched perfectly with a tune I’d been playing on the guitar.” Steve is a London, Ontario singer/songwriter, music journalist and author and has been publishing since the early 2000’s, with the same kind of understated zeal and affection that he’s always had. From his body of works, the intimate guitar style and poetic ambience of his words, make the journey of short installments, vast enough and vividly majestic. It is the kind of music that pours from the heart, because you just needed to. In ‘A Hostile Takeover Of Your Heart’, that urge was too great to keep back, and we all should be jealous of that kind of passion, don’t you think? Steve keeps the lights burning bright through all these years, through his music.


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