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Callum Pitt // Dark MTTR // Horace Holloway // 100 Dead Songs // Alisan Porter

Callum Pitt – L.Lane

Taking influences from The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt combines finger-picked folk riffs with a stunning falsetto voice. As expectedly, with stunning falsetto voice and rich harmonies, his music had been supported from the likes of DIY, Dork and Crack In The Road, radio play with BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music. And when you listen to Callum, you can’t help but bop to the goodness that just springs out. The nary-a-care vibe from the Americana folksiness, delivers with impactful brilliance and exuberance you’d expect and desire. ‘L.Lane’ is one of those little gifts that warms your heart and warms your soul, as the vibrant tones reminisce in that tried and true nostalgia that we all grasp for in our own lives. Sanity from the busy world, packaged in delight from Callum’s voice. See Callum next @ Wild Paths Festival – Weekend Pass, Norwich, UK on October 17th.

Dark MTTR – It’s Warmer in the Dark

Stated Rob Leary, the heart of project Dark MTTR: “‘It’s Warmer in the Dark’ is an instrumental song that tries to encapsulate the feeling of not wanting the leave the house, not wanting to hang out with people, and just wanting some time alone. Whilst it’s a dark place and feeling, there’s also some comfort within this, and sometimes it feels healthy to enjoy spending some time alone.” Gorgeous divine, amplified mahogany of sound, ‘It’s Warmer In The Dark’ casts a spell for our consuming delights, as we reflect together on the husks of our known existence through the seriousness of Dark MTTR’s salvation in waves. The repeating urgency of the piano chords, wrangle our senses with the upcoming clouds of unforeseen quakes. While the gentle undulations in pivotal shimmer, protects us from the final tiny piece of string, unravelling in the wholeness of the dark. Total defeat is thwarted, replaced with ambition and gumption to the last bitter end. Grit sometimes come in soothing packages.

Horace Holloway – King Of Diamonds (feat. Fleurie)

Tallahassee, Florida based Horace Holloway is Jeffery Morrison and he pulls inspiration for his songs from his own experiences as a way to make sense of the cards one is dealt. Growing up in poverty in the suburbs of Detroit and ending up in central Florida after his parents made an unexpected escape from the law meant that pursuing music was never an option. There’s nothing like the present. And when one meets another, time is of the essence. No matter the subject at hand – love or loss – for Jeffery, it’ is about timing of our expanse and our inherent belief in the finer things of life and its truth. ‘King of Diamonds’ feature vocalist Fleurie and has over 700k monthly listeners, to date, on Spotify.

100 Dead Songs – These days I am all in my head

It’s the charm of it all. A cappella vibin’ structure of 100 Dead Songs’ single ‘These days I am all in my head’ is a short but succinct pathway to a pin pointed image of what’s to be. Nothing is known about these “two friends sharing a mutual experience” in their song writing exercise, but the tease of goodness that is evident off of this single has done its job. We’ll look for more, if there are any, from the Denmark based duo’s palatably curious offering. In the meantime, let’s vibe with this stripped down story telling rhythms.

Alisan Porter – Wild One

‘Wild One’ is the latest release from Porter’s album Pink Cloud. Porter won season 10 of The Voice as a member of Christina Aguilera’s team. The singer is a former child star who starred in the 1991 film Curly Sue. The Worcester, Massachusetts originating artist is a dynamo of vocal talent, as she drives you to happy tears in this latest of singles from her album ‘Pink Cloud’. Just like the best traditions of country’s best female vocalists, the emotions pour out of the lyrics as Alisan finely tunes it to the outer atmosphere. Stadium goodness is her speciality. See her next @ Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Paso Robles, California on October 18th.


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